Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Iroquois Middle School Wins Environmental Education Grant from Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals (MAEP)

MACOMB, MIIroquois Middle School in the Chippewa Valley Schools District has been awarded an environmental education grant from the Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals (MAEP).

The MAEP grant will fund students' participation in the Clinton River Watershed Council's (CRWC) Stream Leaders program.  The Stream Leaders program provides hands on experiential education as well as an opportunity for students to gather important data used by the CRWC and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) to assess the health of the Clinton River at various points in the watershed. Students will learn about the physical, chemical, and biological properties of the Clinton River Watershed through problem-solving stations at Waldenburg Park.

We are honored to be recognized by MAEP. The students as well as the CRWC will benefit greatly from the educational experience that the MAEP grant will provide.

Michigan Association of Environmental Professionals (MAEP) is a non-profit professional organization, founded in 1978. MAEP hosts professional development meetings and publishes newsletters throughout the year to bring relevant content to its membership.  Through its annual golf outings MAEP raises funds for its mini environmental education Grants. To date, MAEP has provided funding for local schools, universities, community organizations, and other non-profits who encourage and inspire the next generation of environmental professionals.  Since its inception, MAEP is proud to have awarded over $160,000 in grants.

Four Ways to Celebrate Earth Day Everyday: Protect Our Atmosphere and Watershed

1. Ride your bike rather than driving a car. Kayak rather than use a boat. Bikes and kayaks release zero pollutants into the atmosphere. Cars and boats use fuel and motor oil.  

2. Do NOT litter. Pickup trash around your neighborhood. Recycle, reduce, and reuse in order to cut down on landfill waste.

3. Do NOT be wasteful. Open your windows to allow light and air into your home. Use less water when showering and washing your hands. Unplug your plugs. 

4. Support clean energy initiatives. When coal is burned in power plants to create usable energy, it releases sulfur. This pollutant contributes to acid rain.