MI Representative Anthony Forlini Visited Iroquois Middle School

Macomb Township, MI – Michigan teachers invited legislators to see our state's new, higher standards at work. Iroquois Middle School hosted Michigan State Representative Anthony Forlini. Representative Forlini had the chance to see exemplary teachers at work, while seeing how the school is working to implement Michigan’s new, higher standards. Students had the opportunity to learn how Representative Forlini began a career in politics, what it is like to be a politician, and how policies are created and revised. There was also a question and answer session about current events. 

According to Representative Forlini, "When you have dedicated teachers, the only other ingredient that makes a successful student is involved and responsible parents. It is that teamwork with parents that makes or breaks a teacher".

It was exciting to host Representative Forlini. He was able to see the great work our teachers are doing to make progress in meeting the academic and emotional needs of every Michigan child. We encourage all Michigan legislators to visit their local schools, and see how teachers across Michigan are working to ensure our students are ready for their futures.

I commend Representative Forlini's willingness to work directly with educators to integrate our feedback and perspectives. Educators play a valuable role in the crafting and passing of good, quality education policies. I am confident that the outcomes of educators and legislators working together will be felt for years to come. 

Sponsored by the Michigan Educator Alliance, which works to ensure that teachers who elevate the profession are given deserved acknowledgement and praise for their efforts, this event was part of an effort to provide opportunities for legislators to observe students and teachers engaged in instruction aligned with high standards. For more information on the program as a teacher or legislator, visit the Michigan Educator Alliance website.

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