Tuesday, May 24, 2016

IT Professionals Visited Iroquois Middle School for 'Hour of Code' Events

Macomb Township, MI – Michigan teachers invited Information Technology (IT) professionals into their classrooms to celebrate Computer Science Education. Iroquois Middle School hosted:

Quicken Loans Software Engineer Rob Dusseau 
SilkRoute Global Software Engineer Devin Duden 
Cengage Learning Software Architect Sandesh Tattitali 
Allied Financial IT Director Darrin Deeter 

They volunteered their time to introduce computer science while seeing how the school is working to implement Michigan’s standards in technology.

According to Rob Dusseau, "As more and more devices and robots are being created, the world needs more people to tell them what to do. Learning how to code will give you the ability to control them. This is very important."  

Students had the opportunity to learn how they began a career as an IT professional, what it is like to be a programmer, and how to use computer code such as JavaScript (JS) and HyperText Markup Language (HTML). There was also a question and answer session about technology trends. 

According to Devin Duden, "These students can come up with the next great idea to solve an issue or problem. Kids of all ages can develop software. Parents and teachers need to promote technology careers."    

It was exciting to host these IT professionals. Careers in technology include web/game designer, programmer, data/system administrator, business/system analyst, software/network/database engineer, data architect, and security architect. Computers are a big part of our daily lives. We encourage all Michigan teachers to host an 'Hour of Code' event at their local schools. Teachers across Michigan are working to integrate technology standards. 

According to Darrin Deeter, "Software is becoming part of everything we use. We need more adventurous, creative, and detail orientated people who can understand it, design it, plan it, and build it."

For a game created by one of our students, click here.