Tuesday, October 11, 2016

National Fellowship Honor

It is an honor to have been selected to participate in an organization dedicated to speaking out about public education and sharing best practices to improve it.

I have been a math and science teacher since 2008 at Chippewa Valley’s Iroquois Middle School. I was recently named a fellow for the America Achieves’ Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship.

In that capacity, I will join 100 other educators across Michigan to develop skills that will impact students locally and statewide.

I am honored to work with incredible educators (who) are committed to transforming education for themselves and students.

This fellowship will not only equip me to be a better educator in my classroom, but it will help me advocate for improved funding for teacher training in education policy discussions at the state level.

The Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship is a branch of the national America Achieves Teacher and Principal Fellowship.

According to the organization’s Website, the fellowship “empowers outstanding teachers and principals to elevate their voices in public conversations about teaching and learning, to assume leadership roles in their schools and communities and to influence education policies at the local, state, and national levels, including the implementation of college- and career-ready standards. By including educators in the policy-making process, the fellowship elevates the public’s perception of the education profession.”

As participants, fellows deliver their message about public education through such avenues as letters and columns to local newspapers; testifying in committee hearings; and making presentations to civic organizations.

I have had opinion pieces published in The Macomb Daily, The Oakland Press and the Detroit Free Press.

“Participants in the fellowship interact with colleagues and community leaders in ways that will serve everybody –- most importantly, students -– for years to come,” said Donna Rummel, state manager for the Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship. "We are thrilled to welcome Mike as a fellow in this prestigious program.”