Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day is Friday, March 13th. Below is a list of resources for teachers. 

Edutopia Digital Learning Day Resources and Tools: 

Spark 101 is an excellent resource you can use to engage students in STEM- based lessons that directly link to real industry scenarios.

NOVA Labs is another excellent resource that allows students to engage in case studies as "citizen scientists." 

Student activities promoting digital citizenship - 

Digital Wish Helps Schools Put Technology in Their Classrooms

Digital Wish (www.digitalwish.org) is on a mission to solve technology shortfalls in classrooms. Educators can use the school locator to find their school, register, and submit a lesson plan to win over 50 technology grant opportunities. Your local school is probably already in the system! Teachers can explore a massive free library of technology-based lesson plans, loads of fundraising ideas, and a grants database of additional funding opportunities.

Teachers are invited to register, tell their story, and make their technology wishes public on http://www.digitalwish.org. The online donation feature allows anyone to make a tax-deductible donation to a classroom's account, or purchase items from a teacher's wish list (like a wedding registry). Teachers can also involve their students in running a letter-writing campaign to attract supporters. There's a fantastic "how-to" PowerPoint presentation, plus dozens of printable worksheets and templates to help teachers integrate letter-writing into their curriculum. One school raised over $20,000 using this strategy.

Make your classroom Digital Wish come true! Registration is free and open to anyone at http://www.digitalwish.org.

Check Out These Grants and Fundraising Links on Digital Wish

Digital Wish is a vibrant and free resource for teachers who are seeking technology for their classrooms. Visit http://www.digitalwish.org for the following resources:
  • Over 50 Digital Wish Grants - Apply for 50 grants directly from the Digital Wish website.
  • Free Lesson Plan Library - Browse a free lesson plan library that includes extensive ideas on using digital technology in the classroom curriculum.
  • Grants Library- Search a database of grants available from third party sources, which may also help schools find much-needed funding for classroom projects.
  • Fundraising Ideas - Explore additional fundraising ideas.
  • Printable Letter-Writing Resources - Run a letter-writing campaign to raise money for technology in the classroom.
  • Shopping - Teachers can shop for technology resources and cast their Digital Wish.
  • Teacher Profiles - Create a detailed classroom profile with lesson plans, project ideas, and a classroom wish list. See example.
  • Supporter Class Locator - Supporters can click through a series of maps to locate a local school to make a tax-deductible cash donation or purchase an item directly from a teacher's wishlist. Digital Wish will match every donation with an additional 2% in funding.