Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stand Up For Public Education and Support Our Local Schools

According to the Michigan Education Association - Political Action Committee (MEA-PAC), public education is under attack due to evaluation, privatization, right-to-work, cyber and charter schools. To rebuild Michigan’s middle class, we must rebuild our public schools. 

Instead, politicians in Lansing have slashed more than $1 billion from our children’s classrooms to pay for a $1.8-billion tax break for big corporations, including those that outsource our jobs. Macomb county public school students have lost $211,239,168 in the last four years. Meanwhile, there has been an expansion in for-profit charter and cyber schools without ensuring accountability.

By gutting our schools and taking resources away from our children, politicians are making it harder for our kids to compete for 21st century jobs. These unfair cuts lead to things like more crowded classrooms, dwindling supplies, less programs, and fewer employees, which makes learning more difficult.

Lansing politicians have the wrong priorities. They should do the right thing and return the money they took from our kids. Politicians must be held accountable for this reckless decision. Michigan must stand up for kids, not CEOS. 

We must vote for politicians who fight for kids and public schools. We need quality public schools and an economy that works for everyone. We must be committed to making public education a top priority.