Sunday, August 17, 2014

Teacher unions matter!

It is important to be a Michigan Education Association member. I have been a member for the past six years. Our communities need an organization that will challenge school budget cuts, stand up for students, and inform the public on the status of bills in the legislature.

The E-Newsletters, MEA Voice Magazine, and other communications keep members alert! We continue to challenge educational issues such as charter school accountability, "toxic testing", and teacher retention.

We have benefitted immensely from belonging to MEA. My colleagues and I feel part of something greater than us. MEA membership inspires loyalty, participation, and camaraderie.

Being a part of the MEA has positively impacted education in our district. Teachers encourage parent involvement in order to improve student attitudes toward school, promote the development of social skills, and maintain a challenging academic environment.

The MEA is extremely important to the work we do. It provides support for teachers. This allows us to focus our attention, passion, and talents on building relationships and educating our students, rather than worrying about other outside issues affecting schools. My work as a teacher makes my life meaningful.