Sunday, August 31, 2014

Iroquois Middle School Improvement Plan for Science

There are 1,100 students at Iroquois Middle School. Every parent wants to have an effective and selfless teacher for their child. We are an excellent school based on our test scores and parent involvement. However, our school could improve with our work now. 

Our staff collaborated with the North Central Accreditation (NCA) Committee and Data Teams in order to share effective instructional strategies such as experimental investigations involving making tables and graphing. Project-based learning and writing are other successful methods.

Science investigations and projects are an excellent way to learn. "Oh Deer" is an activity that allows students to monitor the changing population of deer. "Mystery Powders and Solids" allows students to discover the properties of matter. Students also enjoy participating in "Earthquake Mapping". 

We made many suggestions for improving these effective instructional strategies in order to enhance student achievement. Students need more depth of knowledge levels 3 and 4 questions for critical thinking. They need science inquiry experiments comparing independent and dependent variables.