Sunday, April 13, 2014

The importance of blended learning to modern education

Blended learning is merely something that the elite and innovative educators do in order to meet the diverse needs of students. The numerous online resources available can create a classroom that extends beyond normal school hours. This provides students with more flexible opportunities for peer interaction, learning the content, and developing technology skills. Blending the online and in-person environments is really the best of both worlds because students receive the benefit of face-to-face interaction with more opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. 

Blended learning in the classroom consists of a combination of online learning using simulations, videos, and forums in addition to small group differentiated instruction facilitated by the teacher. These instructional methods are appealing to digital natives. Blended learning can support instruction in all grades and subject areas to "increase educational productivity by accelerating the rate of learning" (U.S. Department of Education). This can play a key role in preparing students for our digital world.