Thursday, March 13, 2014

Technology Can Help Teachers “Ignite Learning” in the Classroom

In my classroom, students are relating human interaction and use of natural resources to their affects on the environment. They contribute to class discussions by asking thoughtful questions and completing their assignments. We even go outside and cleanup our school grounds. 

Technology can help teachers “Ignite Learning” in the classroom by promoting literacy development and critical thinking. I use video clips from Discovery Education, Safari Montage, Khan Academy, TeacherTube, and Vimeo to engage students. I facilitate the use of the Internet in order to conduct research and collaborate with classmates. Students enjoy their time posting comments to a blog or on the social media site, Edmodo.

This technology captivates students and makes them desire to learn more about the content. Using technology with project-based learning provides multiple opportunities for students to innovate and construct their own understanding. The ability to communicate and create is what sparks learning. “Kids these days” are just wired to operate in a digital environment, which enables them to take control of their education.