Monday, March 24, 2014

Teachers Can Contend with Setbacks in Education

Teachers can best respond to the challenges, demands, and setbacks in education by taking on leadership responsibilities within their department, school, or district. However, it is also important to ignore some of the setbacks and just move on with what your doing in order to avoid frustration. Putting up walls to block out all the negativity can help teachers maintain their focus on educating students. Teachers can be proactive in the face of educational adversity by developing resiliency through maintaining a well-balanced life with positive attitudes and social relationships.

'Speed Bumps' in education can provide a helpful feedback loop to inform the teaching practice in areas such as reform initiatives, strategic planning, and professional development. Teachers respond the same way to setbacks inside of the classroom as they do with stumbling blocks at a larger scale. They want to make sense of the setbacks in order to improve student achievement. Teachers can deal with difficulties in education and endure the challenges they face without allowing disruptions to student learning.