Monday, March 3, 2014

Educators Can Encourage Students to Take ‘Risks’ in their Learning

Educators can create a classroom environment that invites students to take part in the learning activities by promoting personal responsibility within a welcoming atmosphere. Students need to feel comfortable in the classroom and cared for by the teacher. Educators need to talk with students and understand their feelings in order to encourage them to make strides in their learning. Classrooms can be a place where it is acceptable to be incorrect when attempting to comprehend lessons.  

Teachers can create a space where students feel safe to raise their hand, ask questions, or contribute ideas in a discussion by planning lessons that involve many opportunities for personal interaction. Placing students in a position to experience growth and see it as a direct result of their effort can be accomplished in the classroom by providing them with the support they need in order to become competent. Students can be directed toward a growth mindset about their own learning when teachers show them that it is effort that makes people smart and motivation that makes people successful. Educators can encourage students to take the necessary risks so that they can realize their own potential in learning by providing ample opportunities for practice.