Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Education Philosophies

One of the philosophies that I believe in is essentialism because it is a combination of idealism and realism. Every student has a mind for knowledge and understanding. Besides text books and bulletin boards, teachers need to use technology and objectives relative to living in the 21st century to prepare our students for today’s society. My role as an educator is to be an expert of organizational strategies and produce a strong emphasis on basic skills and scholastic achievement. Students need to come to school to listen and learn, and it is our job to make a learner physically, intellectually, and morally strong. It is our duty to motivate students to find their interests and use that interest to benefit society. An educator also has a role as an advisor to colleagues and students. Educators need to give their colleagues and students advice that will help them be successful in life.  The other philosophy that I believe in is John Dewey’s progressivism in which students learn best by doing and becoming the center of the educational process. Since society is changing, students have to learn by discovering and doing work on their own in order to contribute to society. However, students also need to work together.