Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Curriculum Maps

The topics and concepts are already chosen by the State of Michigan for student mastery, and the Chippewa Valley Schools creates curriculum maps in order for every teacher to guide student learning. In the math and science classes that I teach, I always ask students to tell me what they know about the topic we are currently discussing. This allows me to build on their knowledge, and apply the concepts to their everyday life. I often use sports, money, and current events to increase interest and enhance student learning. The constructivist curriculum can be used in the classroom by allowing students the opportunity to explore and reflect on what they have learned. In math, I often use manipulatives for students to explore concepts such as positive and negative integers, decimals, fractions, percents, and solving equations. Students are then given the opportunity to explain and reflect on their ideas and solutions with the manipulatives. Many teachers feel pressured and constrained by the amount of standards for certain classes. In my experiences with teaching science and math, I have found it beneficial to give students the opportunity to explore, and create ideas on their own. 

The Oakland Press Open Forum Blog Bytes (August 25, 2013)