Friday, July 26, 2013

Adapting Curriculum Materials

Teachers with a transmission view of learning where students are expected to receive information use technologies. Technologies are also used by teachers with a constructivist view, which encourages students to construe concepts as they interact with teacher and peers. From classroom to classroom, teachers use technologies in different ways. According to John D. McNeil, Education Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), most teachers share the transmission view rather than the constructivist view in regards to technology. Word processing is the most popular form of technology used in classes because it allows students to create their own written materials. There are many other ways teachers can use technologies to enhance learning in their classroom and provide opportunities for students to receive information. In our building, we use distant learning to share our learning experiences in science with another science classroom in the district. We use the Internet for students to gather information about science units. My students create one PowerPoint presentation a semester and share this presentation with the class. There are programs that allow students to complete virtual labs, which are beneficial for districts with limited science supplies.

The Oakland Press Open Forum Blog Bytes (August 4, 2013)