Sunday, June 30, 2013

Math Curriculum

Empiricism should guide curriculum development of mathematics. Math has been derived from studies of physical objects; hence, the math curriculum should include manipulation of objects and the application of math concepts to problems of the real world. “When will I ever need this?” This is a frequent inquiry that comes out of the mouths of my students. I tell my low-level students that acquiring knowledge of math will train them to be rational thinkers, that math will allow them to appreciate the world around them a little better, and they will be able to explain more complex problems. Students learn better when they are offered new mathematical knowledge that they feel is important. The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) does not think it is sensible “for these low-level students when we force them to take college prep math courses and withhold from them the real every day, practical mathematics that they will eventually need” (  NCTM would like to see students graduate with a operational understanding of the necessary mathematics that they will need to function consecutively as adults rather than these students graduate with a poor understanding of college math.

The Oakland Press Open Forum Blog Bytes (July 3, 2013)