Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Social Change

The growing practice of moving an array of social services (i.e. programs for babies and their teenage mothers, health care, family counseling, or substance abuse programs) into the schools is an excellent idea. Schools need to be looked at as a pillar to the community. It is built by tax dollars not only to benefit the children who attend the specific school but also to benefit the surrounding community and its stakeholders. Schools need to be open to people in times of need in order for them to move past difficult times and have a prosperous future enjoying what life has to offer. Schools are a great place to hold social services because the community if often familiar with the location and the buildings are not being used at night. Schools that lease out space to private companies who offer social services make extra money. This is important during our ailing economy especially in Michigan. Schools are suffering budget cuts because of the decrease in funding per pupil.

Many people are not connected to the schools in their community, and this does not help the betterment of humanity and social progress. Schools need to be looked at as a communal environment where people can gather to become educated, no matter what their age and background. Schools need to support the life-long learning of the community because this positive attitude will not only help the adults, but it will also help their children. Children learn better when their parents are setting positive examples of academic behavior. If parents are attending a social service and bringing home information to read, this shows to their children that going to school is a life-long process in order to reach your fullest potential. Schools should be looked at as places where anyone can go to learn.